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FAA State and Sectional Field

Published on 5/25/2015

Just returned home from the FAA State and Sectional Field that was held at Gator Bowmen in Gainesville.

First, I would like to thank all the members at Gator Bowmen for hosting this event, it was a fabulous weekend of comradeship and archery.

Second, I want to congratulate Ken Jones. He was victorious over Bill Coulter in his bid for NAA State Representative on the FAA Board of Directors. There were a record number of votes for an FAA election. Thanks to all who voted for Ken, I’m sure he will provide excellent leadership in this position and will serve to enhance the advancement of the sport of archery among our younger shooters involved with the local JOAD programs.

Third, I want to announce that after the shooting on Saturday, the FAA board held a scheduling meeting for 2016 and Gold Coast was awarded the most shoots of any other club. In January of next year we will host the FAA unmarked 3D as a split shoot along with Tallahassee. Then in June, we will again host the FAA State JOAD tournament, and in October will be hosting the FAA target again, which I’m sure many of you are familiar with. So, next year will prove to be very busy and  with this variety of events their should be something for everyone.

Lastly, but certainly not least, a big round of applause to the 12 Gold Coast shooters who attended the State shoot. Together, we won the “Club” high score for the third straight year.

Congratulations go out to the following archers:
Champion            Rick Dorey                         1327      New State record animal round
Champion            James Harden                   1374
Champion            Joshua Jacobwitz              1025
2nd Place              Harold Hall                        1257
2nd Place              Scott Eurich                       1338
3rd Place               Ken Jones                         1337      New State record animal round  
3rd Place               Eric Jacobwitz                   1364
                              Joe Loureiro                      1341
                              Davis Mullens                    1305
                              Jay Siegel                          1245

                              Jake Hall                            1218
                              Alexis Feder                         997

Thanks again to all those who made the trip and helped to make this a great weekend.