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Membership Info & Rates

As a member of Gold Coast Archery Club, Inc. you will have access to our ranges 365 days a year, from sunrise to sunset (Park hours permitting). We have Field targets and FITA targets that can be shot from under a covered shooting line, and 3D targets set along wooded lanes from which to choose from. There are even special 3D lanes with animals designed for broadhead arrows and an elevated platform from which to practice your hunting skills.  Please browse our web site for information and photos from some of our events and be sure to check the calendar for the upcoming shooting schedule. We welcome all inquires. Thank you for considering Gold Coast Archers Club, Inc.




 Single Adult Membership:

Cost:  $175.00 annually

Any individual adult over the age of 18.


Family Membership:

Cost: $195.00 annually

Any individual adult over the age of 18, plus up to 4 dependents (Another individual adult residing in the same household and up to 3 youths under the age of 18) for a maximum of 5 persons.


Youth Membership:

Cost: $75.00 annually

Any individual youth under the age of 18 at the time of making application.


Collegiate Membership:

Cost: $100.00 annually

As a collegiate member, the applicant must provide a statement on the application that confirms that the person is, at the time of application, taking a full time course load, as defined by their respective educational institution.






  1. All members and their guest(s) must sign in upon entering the range.
  2. Range is closed to shooters during all work parties as determined by the Range Captain.
  3. Littering is prohibited.Please use the designated garbage cans.
  4. Do not molest animals or plants.
  5. Use the practice range to sight in and practice.
  6. Shoot from designated shooting lanes only.
  7. No shooting of blunts, broad heads or crossbows on the range at any time except at those areas designated and marked for the particular use.Violation will result in immediate termination of membership.
  8. No firing of firearms on the range.
  9. No ungentlemanly or unladylike behavior on the range.
  10. No Drugs or alcohol of any kind will be allowed on the range.
  11. No pets on the range.




  1. Always leave one member of your shooting group or some other warning of your presence if you go behind a target.Example: leave your bow in front of target.
  2. Never shoot at a bale if no target face is posted.
  3. Never release an arrow if you cannot see where it will land: never “flight shoot” an arrow into the woods.Never shoot an arrow straight up into the air.
  4. Never shoot a broken or damaged arrow.Inspect arrows before you shoot them.
  5. Always shoot from behind, astride, or otherwise “at” the designated shooting line or shooting stake and never from in front of it.When shooting in an area where multiple potential shooting lines/stakes are present, never shoot while another archer is shooting from a position that is between you and the target.Never position yourself between another archer and the target.
  6. Never demonstrate your skill by using a person as a target or permitting another to hold an object at which you shoot.
  7. Never handle another’s bow without permission, and never draw it under any circumstances.
  8. Never fire a bow without an arrow (dry firing) or engage in other practices that could not only damage your equipment but could pose a danger to yourself and others.
  9. Remember at all times that a bow is a deadly weapon, just like a gun.Treat it as such.
  10. Protect your sport by being careful and sure when you shoot.
  11. Maintain a safe shooting distance when pulling arrows. It would be considered a safe practice, as long as no shooters are further West of the 50 yard target on the Field Practice Range portion, that FITA Practice Range shooters could advance and pull arrows and vice versa. Any shooters West of the 50 yard target butt (55 yard to 70 yard) must pull arrows in conjunction with the FITA shooters to the West.




  1. Targets, Pavilion areas, and practice areas can be assigned to specific members of the Club for the purpose of maintenance.
  2. The Range Captain will have the responsibility of assigning areas to Club members to maintain in the conditions specified by the Club.
  3. Work may be done any time the members have to spare, but the area must be in top condition for all shooters.
  4. The Range Captain will evaluate the areas and report to the Board of Directors any areas that are not being maintained properly.





  1. N.F.A.A.,F.A.A., USAA, and ASA rules will be followed unless otherwise specified.
  2. No one Family will compose any shooting group.
  3. Any equipment deemed unsafe by the Range Captain will not be permitted on the course.
  4. No practice on the course on the day of a shoot, except in designated practice area.
  5. No shooting at anything but the designated targets on the range.
  6. The shoot will begin with the sounding of a device.