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Congratulations Gold Coast Members

Published on 1/19/2016
This was a split shoot, Delray Beach and Tallahassee.
There were 81 total shooters.
56 shot at Gold Coast.
25 shot in Tallahassee.
21 Gold Coast members were present and 13 took home medals.
Scott Cummins Sr.            SS M Trad        3rd place
Stan Mintz                         MS M Trad       2nd place
Alexandra Cook                A F Oly             Champion
Mackenzie DiGiacomo     Y F Oly              Champion
Thaddeus Cook                Y M Oly             Champion
Victor Cook                       YA M Oly           Champion
Rick Dorey                        S M BHFS         Champion
Jim Edwards                     S M BHFS         2nd place
Joe Loureiro                      P M FS             Champion
Scott Eurich                      S M FS              3rd place
Ken Jones                         MS M FS          Champion
Mike Marienau                  Range Finder    2nd place
Andrew McGowan            Range Finder    3rd place
Great shooting everyone!